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What is the Diamond 4C Rule?

One day, you may have to buy a nice gift for the person you love. You will appreciate that women; They love receiving gifts. You can gift a diamond to a special person to show that they are even more special. The most preferred bridal accessory after the wedding ring is known as diamond.

If you want to buy diamonds, you must pay attention to some issues. If you want to buy a diamond that meets your expectations with its quality, price and model, you should do research. As you can guess, the 4C rule is among the criteria you should pay attention to when buying diamonds.

4C Diamond Color Rule
Diamond; It is created by processing diamonds, which are notoriously difficult to obtain and valuable. The factors that determine the quality of a diamond are expressed as the diamond 4c rule. It should be said that four different criteria, namely color, clarity, cut and carat, directly affect the quality of diamonds.

Diamond color; is one of the most important factors. Diamond; It is formed by exposure to extreme heat and pressure. Therefore, the atomic structure of other elements may be incorporated into the diamond during its formation. These particles, which can be expressed as one part per million; It creates the color element of diamond. Diamond; It has a color scale starting from dark yellow to vibrant and bright white. At this point, it is necessary to state that a diamond that is almost colorless is extremely valuable. Colorless diamonds; They have high prices because they are in high demand.

Diamond color diversity; It is characterized by the letters D to Z. The letters D, E, F, G are known as the most valuable diamonds. In addition to their rarity, their prices are also quite high. There is also a high demand for diamonds between the letters H and L. We should say that the most used diamond options in the sector are among these letters.

The diamonds in M color and below attract attention with their visible and noticeable yellowish hue. In addition, it should be said that especially pink, blue, yellow and red diamonds are rare and valuable.

4C Diamond Clarity Rule
Diamonds contain much smaller and pure carbon particles than previously thought. These particles; It contributes significantly to the uniqueness and elegance of diamonds. However, there are also some blemishes on the diamond. These traces; are natural traces. They are called stains of nature. The traces in question are; Although it is not visible to the naked eye, it disappears in the clarity of the diamond. In this way, it is possible for the diamond to become clear. There are some techniques used in laboratories such as HRD and GID to determine the clarity of diamonds.

Diamond clarity is evaluated according to different categories. F; It refers to diamonds that are clean but rare and do not have any inclusions. IF; Although it is a spotless diamond inside, it only has some spots on its surface. VVS1, VVS2 are diamonds with small spots that even experts have difficulty seeing. VS1, VS2; known as very small speckled diamonds. We must say that this diamond category is among the most commercially used diamonds. SI1, SI2; As a different category of diamonds with small spots, it impresses. Finally, it should be mentioned that the I1, I2, I3 categories contain visible stains.

Diamond clarity degree; determined by laboratory tests.

4C Diamond Cutting Rule
Cut; diamond has a very important place in the 4c rule. It reveals the unique beauty of the diamond. It should be said that there is a feature related to the symmetry and dimensions of the stone. In addition, we can say that the light refracting and sparkling properties of the diamond are related to the cut. You will appreciate that many diamonds; It has perfect color and clarity. However, if their cuts are not good, it is not possible for them to reflect the color and clarity characteristics in question. In other words, cutting; It is a vital criterion for the diamond to reflect its brilliance and brilliance.

It is imperative that the diamond be cut at the right angles. Otherwise, the light entering from the surface of the stone cannot spread to the crown part. In other words, diamond; It cannot give the desired shine. In addition, we should say that very shallow or deep cutting operations should be avoided. Diamond cutters should be trusted when it comes to cutting.

4C Diamond Carat Weight Rule
As you can guess, one of the important issues for those who want to buy diamonds is carat! Diamond carat; Indicates the weight of the diamond. One-fifth of a gram can also be expressed as a unit of weight. Carat weight; It is vital for the diamond to gain value. It has a particularly important effect on determining the price of diamonds. Color is one of the most important issues along with clarity and cutting features.

As the size of the diamond increases, its carat value also increases. In other words, a diamond with a larger stone; It has a higher carat value. Due to this feature, its price is quite high.

Many people have the question "Where can I find diamonds that comply with the diamond 4c rule?" We can say that such products are diamonds of superior quality, all values of which have been examined and determined in the best possible way. Diamond experts; They determined the features of the product by examining it according to cut, carat, color and clarity criteria. It should also be mentioned that products that comply with the 4c rule are certified to international standards. In other words, they are options that can be bought blindly. Each of the products of expert and reliable brands has a diamond certificate. Products that are both affordable and certified should be preferred.
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