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Product Code :  DN19011
1.00 Carat Diamond Sapphire Necklace
17,184 TL
10,310 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 9,279 TL
Product Code :  DN30073
Sapphire Necklace with 0.90 Carat Diamonds
23,254 TL
13,952 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 12,557 TL
Product Code :  DN29448
Sapphire Necklace with 0.32 Carat Diamonds
24,023 TL
14,414 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 12,972 TL
Product Code :  DN13453
0.72 Carat Sapphire Solitaire Necklace
25,135 TL
15,081 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 13,573 TL
Product Code :  DN24248
Sapphire Necklace with 0.61 Carat Diamonds
25,733 TL
15,440 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 13,896 TL
Product Code :  DN27193
1.52 Carat Diamond Sapphire Necklace
25,733 TL
15,440 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 13,896 TL
Product Code :  DN31111
0.61 Carat Diamond Sapphire Necklace
27,357 TL
16,414 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 14,773 TL
Receiving and giving gifts is a unique process. Receiving a beautifully packaged, eye-catching gift is exciting. It makes people happy to think that they think about you, remember you, or want to make the important day you shared together unforgettable. Knowing that you will make someone you love experience these feelings will make you happy!
Accessories decorated with sapphire, one of the most valuable, unique, rare and eye-catching stones in the world, can bring a smile to the face of your loved one with their magnificent beauty. Additionally, jewelry such as necklaces can be used for generations. It is a timeless and unique gift.
Sapphire is bright and clear as the summer sky, with a soft and elegant appearance. For centuries, this gemstone has carried important religious and cultural meanings for different cultures around the world.
Nowadays, sapphires are preferred as meaningful and valuable anniversary gifts. This unique stone represents values such as respect and love that everyone would like to have in their marriage. It is even thought to represent loyalty and devotion. These deep meanings make many people choose sapphire jewelry for their wedding anniversaries.
Sapphire Necklace as a Gift
Accessories decorated with precious stones have been one of the most common gifts since the beginning of time. Necklaces have a special place among these gifts, they represent eternal love. The person you gift a necklace to carries a piece of you close to their heart.
When combined with the deep meanings of sapphire, the necklace becomes an accessory that will allow you to express your feelings to the person you love in the most beautiful way. Various sapphire necklace models on our page are among the popular gifts for wedding anniversaries. Additionally, these necklaces will be an ideal option when you want to make your wife happy with a surprise gift on her birthday. These necklaces, which have elegant-looking designs, can be preferred at weddings or engagement ceremonies, as well as being extremely suitable for daily use.
The choker models you can find among these sapphire-adorned necklaces are among the ideal options for those who want to achieve a richer and more flamboyant look. Whichever model you choose from the wide range of models and carats presented to you, you will also have a product certificate, and at the same time, you will be able to get free maintenance assurance, so you can immediately contact our store officials and solve your problems in case of any problem.
Diamond Sapphire Necklace
Diamond sapphire necklace models are designs that achieve extraordinary results by combining two eye-catching, precious and rare metals. You can find many different styles in these models that will appeal to your taste in terms of both stone size and design. This wide range of products makes it easy to find the necklace model of your dreams. Drop sapphire necklaces, solitaire necklaces and fancy sapphire necklaces are among the different designs you can choose.
Sapphire necklaces range from eye-catching and flashy designs to elegant and elegant. These different designs make the necklaces suitable for wearing in different occasions. While more minimal designs are suitable for daily use, necklaces such as chokers can be preferred on special occasions.
Flashy Sapphire Necklace Models
After a comfortable and practical shopping process, you can buy whatever you want among these flashy sapphire necklace models. As Lizay, the product services we offer are not limited to a customer-friendly shopping process. We also offer you a unique service in packaging. You can make unforgettable moments more valuable with the necklaces we bring to you in a beautiful and stylish gift package.
On our page, you can examine the flashy and high-quality sapphire necklaces that we offer to you as Lizay and make your choice among different model options.