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Gold Arrow Ring
4,482 TL
3,138 TL
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Gold Stone Ring
6,634 TL
3,317 TL
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Gold Twist Ring
4,954 TL
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Gold Trend Ring
4,954 TL
3,468 TL
Product Code :  R114840
Gold Trend Ring
5,009 TL
3,505 TL
Gold Trend Rings, one of Lizay Pırlanta's unique collections, are special pieces that are appreciated by stylish women. Gold Trend Rings are decorated with quality gold materials and selected precious stones. Whether used in daily life or at a special event, Gold Trend Rings will always complement your style and express you in style.
Gold Trend Ring Models
The Gold Trend Ring collection is enriched with different contents and details. Do you prefer a classic and elegant style or prefer a modern and assertive design? You can find an option to suit every taste and style in Gold Trend Ring. While some models feature a solitaire design, others use diamonds or colored stones that can be cleaned at various temperatures. In addition, the details on the face, gold color and workmanship are also elements of its design. Gold Trend Rings are unique pieces, each with a unique statement.
Gold Trend Ring Features
Gold Trend Rings are produced with high quality gold material and usually 14 carat or 18 carat gold is used. The gold rate is a factor that shows the value and characteristics of its percentage. Gold Trend Rings are available with diamonds or colored stones. Properties of diamonds such as section, clarity, carat weight and color quality determine the shine and value of the diamond. Colored stones add liveliness and character to the ring. The design and craftsmanship of the face is also an important factor. Each Gold Trend Ring is a piece that embodies the excellence and originality of the craftsmen.
Gold Trend Ring Prices
Gold Trend Ring prices vary depending on several factors. First, the gold carat and gram weight used in the ring affect the price. Generally, 14 carat or 18 carat gold is preferred and higher carat golds are more valuable. In addition, the type, cut, clarity, carat weight and color grade of the precious stones in the ring are among the factors that affect the price.
When evaluating diamonds, factors called the four C's (Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color) are taken into consideration. While the cut determines the shine and shape of the diamond, clarity refers to the natural flaws within it. While carat represents the weight of the diamond, color grade indicates the degree of whiteness of the diamond. The combination of these factors affects the value of the diamond.