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Engagement Rings Models

Before the engagement, which is considered one of the most special days of a couple, engagement rings need to be prepared days in advance. Although many people are undecided when choosing a ring, they can find the engagement ring model they want by examining the ring models according to their own tastes and likings. You can examine different models of selected engagement rings on the Lizay website and get answers to all your questions from authorized persons.
Promise rings are worn as the first step two people take towards marriage. A promise ring is between two families and is the beginning of the road to becoming a couple. In the next step, engagement rings are worn at the engagement ceremony, which means announcing the union to the close circle. Lizay Pırlanta, who has many models of engagement rings, does not leave her customers alone on these happy days. With its stylish design and ergonomic structure, you can easily find a ring suitable for every taste with the Lizay Pırlanta difference. Solitaire ring and five-stone ring models designed by Lizay Pırlanta will be jewelry that women will not want to take off their fingers for a lifetime.

The history of engagement rings and wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt. In the early days, papyrus fibers were made into a ring by couples and worn on the middle finger, it was believed that the ring would bring eternity and those who wore it would be spouses forever. These rings, which were used to symbolize and give meaning to togetherness, came to be known as engagement rings over time. For the first time, the engagement ring was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand by the Romans, and the reason for wearing it on the fourth finger was interpreted as the vein on that finger going directly to the heart. The first diamond engagement ring was made in the 15th century. It is thought that it has also started to be used. Over time, diamond engagement rings have become stylish and fashionable. You can buy diamond engagement rings as a good option before buying a solitaire diamond, and if you have them maintained over time, you can continue to use them in a clean condition without tarnishing. You can review the engagement ring options on our website and order by choosing the one that suits you.

Engagement Ring Models
Lizay Pırlanta has the most popular jewelry models decorated with all types of gold and precious stones. You can add elegance to your elegance with combinations consisting of baguette diamond sets. Customer satisfaction is ensured by specially designing gold bracelet types to suit every taste and according to customer demand. Lizay Pırlanta adds value to your most special moments with many ring models, as well as necklace models, earring models, set models, models designed for children and men's jewelry models. Lizay diamond has become trendy with its fashion-forward products.

Engagement Rings Prices
Lizay Diamond keeps customer satisfaction above all else. With its personalized design option, it is the preferred point of those who like it hard. The best price guarantee is given to its customers with the assurance of Lizay Diamond. All customers are offered a discount of up to 65% on their purchases. Lizay Pırlanta customers benefit from free exchanges, product maintenance assurance, free shipping service, gift wrapping and safe shopping opportunities. All products purchased from Lizay Diamond have a "Product Certificate" and are delivered to customers with the product. In addition to all these prices and other advantages, Lizay Diamond customers double their happiness by winning surprise gifts.

Engagement Ring Shapes for Women and Men
While small bright stones are preferred in women's rings, calmer models are preferred in men's rings. In addition to these flashy rings used by women, very simple women's ring models are also available and sold on our website. Different colored lines and patterns passing through the middle are among the factors that help the rings differentiate and gain personality. Since there are people with different tastes in the world, they also find quite different types of ring models.

Models for Tastes
On these special days, people make a special effort to buy these rings that fit their tastes and will wear them throughout their lives. People who want to choose the rings they are looking for and at affordable prices should definitely visit our website. We aim to bring the best quality product to our customers at an affordable price. We aim to increase our range day by day so that people can find the product closest to their taste. We want to increase our customers exponentially and introduce everyone to our quality products.

Online Purchases
It is very easy to buy our products, you can review our ring options by logging into our website online and order the rings you think will suit you. Since our payment systems are supported by 3D security systems, it is not possible for you to encounter a situation where your cards and information are copied. In addition to the quality service we provide, we also aim to ensure that the quality of the service our customers receive does not decrease.
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