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The ring figure, which expresses the promise that the love and loyalty between couples will continue for a lifetime, has carried similar meanings throughout history. For this reason, each couple wears a gold wedding ring on special occasions such as engagement, engagement and marriage. This ring is not only used to express the promise that couples make to each other, but also is carried on the fingers to tell the whole world that this couple is now committed to each other.

These jewelry, first seen in ancient Egypt, were worn on the index finger of the left hand during marriage ceremonies. The biggest reason for this is that the lifeblood passes through this finger. Today, it is believed that both men and women remain connected to their home and family with the wedding ring worn on the finger where this vein, called the cardiac vein, is believed to be directly connected to the heart.

Gold Wedding Ring Models
These rings, which were made from a wide variety of materials such as leather and bone in ancient times, are now made of precious metals. The most common among these are gold ring products. As Lizay Pırlanta, we offer you this product, which has a rich range of options with many models, in stylish designs that will suit everyone's taste and style. The most appropriate models should be chosen for these rings, which are started to be used by couples taking steps towards marriage. Because they are products that they will carry on their fingers throughout their lives and always combine with their clothes. For this reason, elegant and aesthetically pleasing Lizay Diamond rings can be preferred.

When examined in terms of cut, designs such as emerald cut, round cut and drop cut are widely preferred among our ring models. While our products with minimal stones are more attractive for those who love simplicity, the number of people who are fond of classic wedding ring models is also quite high.

We have many valuable varieties of these jewelery that have witnessed the most important times. We have models such as 3 mm gold classic, gold modern classic, gold modern stone, gold twist, gold two-tone, gold rose modern stone, gold rose white, gold classic, gold rose white stone and gold crushable. In addition, our models such as gold baguette stone ring, gold stone, gold full circle double ring, gold with diamonds, gold textured, gold tri-color, gold black and white are among the most popular and preferred Lizay Diamond wedding ring models today. Each of these products, made of white, yellow or rose gold, has a different style. Thus, it is very easy to find wedding ring models suitable for everyone and every style.

Sometimes, men prefer to wear silver rings instead of gold for their own reasons. In such cases, information is obtained about single women's gold wedding ring models and prices and the most ideal one of these products is preferred.

Lizay Pırlanta Gold Wedding Ring Models Offer You
Today, there are magnificent wedding ring models with different designs offered by our company. Choosing among these models is not easy and it is important to be careful about some issues.

First of all, it should be decided what kind of ring to buy. It is important whether to examine our products sold in pairs for both men and women or only our women's ring models. In this way, only the models in the selected group are browsed.

In the next step, the color of the gold must be decided. One of white, yellow or rose gold should be preferred. However, some of our models are available in dual or triple color options instead of single color.

Then, it should be considered which of our products with or without stones will be purchased. If a stone wedding ring is a priority, the cutting style of the stone should be decided. In addition, it is planned to determine whether the stone will have minimal features or, if it is a diamond, how many carats the stone will be.

Gold Wedding Ring Prices
There are many factors that determine gold wedding ring prices. First of all, the model of the ring is very important. Our diamond models are much more luxurious and high quality. These sparkling models are inevitably more valuable. However, a product that is planned to be carried on the fingers for a lifetime must be of superior quality. In addition, couples who turn to our stylish and elegant designs that comply with current trends should also pay attention to the quality of workmanship. The stronger the workmanship of a product, the higher its value.

First of all, the carat and gram of gold have a great impact on gold wedding ring prices. For products with diamonds on them, the carat and quality of the diamond are among the factors that increase the price. You can easily find ring models that appeal to your taste and budget, among our products that are suitable for every budget, on our page.