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Earrings, which have been among the most precious jewelery of women for many years, are today eye-catchingly beautiful with their modern lines and stylish designs. In our company, gold earrings are indispensable for women who want to look much more stylish, with countless models that appeal to everyone's taste and style.
Earrings, known as traditional jewelry, appear as the most beautiful reflection of elegance and charm. No matter how small, our gold trend earring models are one of the most important elements of an aesthetic appearance.
Gold earrings, which help women become more beautiful and attractive as a result of choosing the right model, are heart-warming accessories in the world of jewelry. Thanks to their stylish design and attractive appearance, earrings have been in our lives from past to present and will continue to maintain their value in the future.
Gold Earring Models
Having a very rich model range, Lizay Pırlanta earrings stand out with their different styles and styles. The most preferred earring models are our earrings designed in gold. Bringing elegance and elegance, our gold earring models shine around and make women feel much better.
When Lizay Diamond Gold earring models 2019 are examined, we see many different and original designs. However, among the favorite earring models in 2020; We have models such as gold star earrings, gold butterfly earrings, gold clover earrings, gold solitaire earrings, gold stone hoop earrings, gold stone fantasy earrings. Especially hoop gold earrings have not lost any of their popularity for many years and are still among the most popular earrings.
These models, which are highly appreciated with their remarkable designs, are suitable for all styles and ages. It is very easy to reflect elegance and create a perfect look with trendy earrings. These models, which can be used with peace of mind whether in daily life or at special events, help complete the combinations in the best way. Gold earrings, which are among our company's products, are generally made of 14, 16 and 22 carat gold and are specially designed for every age group with a wide variety of motifs.
New Trend Gold Earring Models with Lizay Pırlanta Assurance
Lizay Pırlanta gold earring models, which have been used with admiration by both men and women in recent years, reveal elegance and elegance in the best way. However, it is very important to make the right choice. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to achieve the desired results.
First of all, even small details should be taken into consideration when choosing earrings. Earrings, which become an important part of the face when used, are chosen according to the face shape. In this way, the beauty of the face and the elegance of the earrings complement each other. Our company has earring models suitable for all face shapes. For this reason, a person should know the characteristics of his/her face well and choose our earring models that best suit his/her face shape.
There are many different face shapes such as round, triangle, heart and square, and each has unique Lizay Pırlanta designs. For example; While people with a round face type should choose thin, long and angular earrings, those with a triangular face type should choose models with softer lines. When the right earring model is chosen, a perfect harmony is achieved and an aesthetic appearance is created.
Gold Earring Prices
Our gold earring products, which are in the world of all women with their many different models, appeal to every budget with their wide range of prices. The prices of these earrings generally vary depending on the current exchange rate and the setting of the earring. 14, 16 and 22 carat gold are often used in our earring models. In addition, the gram of the earring is also a very effective factor on prices. The better the workmanship of an earring, the higher its prices. For this reason, Lizay Diamond earring prices differ from model to model. However, as Lizay Pırlanta, we are proud to offer you quality and luxury at affordable prices for the satisfaction of our valued customers.