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0.38 Carat Emerald Diamond Necklace
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0.34 Carat Diamond Emerald Necklace
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0.45 Karat Pırlanta Baget Zümrüt Kolye
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0.69 Karat Pırlanta Zümrüt Kolye
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0.67 Carat Diamond Emerald Necklace
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0.74 Carat Diamond Emerald Necklace
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Emeralds are among the most beautiful stones in the world. It has a vibrant green color. This magnificent color tone has been preferred to crown different jewelry for centuries. This is because, as with most gemstones, they carry deep meanings.
It is believed that it creates freshness in the soul of those who wear this unique stone, revitalizes them and has a soothing energy. It is also a stone that represents patience and compassion. It is believed that it conveys the same qualities to the person who wears it. It is thought to improve mental clarity and focus.
Over time, it became a symbol of truth and love. In ancient Greece and Rome, emerald was known as the precious stone of Venus, also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and hope. This precious stone, with its unique shine, was respected by different societies from all over the world and was believed to be the source of eternal life.
Among the products we offer to you as Lizay, there are different necklace models adorned with this rare stone. Our emerald necklaces range from chokers with extraordinary looks to necklaces with minimal designs.
Emerald Necklace Models
While ruby is known as the main color of love and passion due to its vibrant shade of red, in ancient times, emerald was also known as a stone of love, symbolizing vitality and new beginnings. It gets this feature from its green color, which represents the spring season. So this rare and unique stone is the perfect stone to symbolize happy new beginnings, love and an eternal relationship. It can also represent loyalty and a strong natural connection between people in a relationship.
Some cultures believed that this stone could reveal true love and bring lovers together. While ruby is known as the stone of passionate love, emerald is known as the stone of loyal, deep and mature love. For this reason, the necklace models you can find on our page are a great gift option to present to the person you love and will spend your life with, on an engagement or anniversary.
Diamonds obtained by shaping diamonds with special cutting techniques are known as very rare and valuable stones. Emerald stones of the highest quality, with a wonderful shade and clarity, can be even more valuable than a diamond.
Diamond Emerald Necklace
There are people who believe that this precious stone, which has deep meanings in some cultures, preserves some of these meanings even today. When worn in environments such as the workplace, jewelry crowned with this stone is said to have an energy that encourages creativity and harmony among team members. It is thought to help increase focus and creativity. Click for diamond ring models.
Birthdays are special occasions when the emerald necklace models on our page can be preferred as great gift options. It is known as a precious stone for those born in spring. It is the birthstone of those born in May. Jewelry adorned with this precious stone, such as an emerald necklace, is thought to bring renewed life force when given as a gift. It symbolizes success and health that comes with new initiatives.
Emerald Fancy Necklace
We offer you our eye-catching emerald necklace models, which bring a noble stance, with different model options. The fancy necklaces you can find among these options are among the most preferred products with their different designs and eye-catching atmosphere.
When emerald necklaces, which represent love, affection and elegance with their stylish appearance, are combined with Lizay quality, extraordinary results emerge. Models compatible with diamonds are among the products on our page with options of different carat weights.
You can easily find the emerald necklace model of your dreams in our wide product range that will appeal to every taste. By browsing the products on our page, you can learn about each of them and complete your shopping accordingly.