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0.22 Carat Diamond Sapphire Ring
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1.49 Carat Diamond Sapphire Ring
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0.72 Carat Diamond Sapphire Ring
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1.45 Carat Diamond Drop Sapphire Ring
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0.32 Carat Diamond Sapphire Ring
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0.29 Carat Diamond Sapphire Ring
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0.45 Carat Diamond Sapphire Ring
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Sapphire has different color options, but the best known and preferred color is blue. The pages of history, including the royal family, are filled with women displaying sapphire rings on their fingers. In different mythologies, sapphire comes among the mines that have a great place. There were even civilizations who believed that the world was on top of a very large sapphire. They thought that the reason why the sky was blue was the reflection of the sapphire. Cultures throughout the ages have believed that sapphire can calm the soul and heal the body. Although it is a known fact that these are not true today, sapphire continues to preserve its prestigious position and deep meanings.

Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, virtue, respect and a royal sanctity. In an engagement ring, sapphire stands for loyalty and sincerity. If you want to go beyond the limits of a ring in the expected style and enjoy this timeless beauty for years to come, you can take a look at the different sapphire ring models on our page.

Sapphire Ring Models
The hardness and durability of sapphire make it an excellent choice for everyday jewellery. Sapphire, which adorns quite different ring models, has many options.

The baguette sapphire ring is a sophisticated and classic choice. The precious stones adorning the ring have a stylish and unique look. Baguette rings are so named because of their long and thin shape. The geometric shape of the baguette-cut sapphires fits this motif perfectly.

Sapphire fancy ring models are among the great options for those who want to try a different style. You can easily get the look you want with these rings, which have different carat options.

Sapphire solitaire ring has different models that combine a classical legend with a modern interpretation of sapphire. Sapphire tria ring and sapphire pentastone ring are among the different interpretations of this model. Tria and five stone rings are indispensable gifts especially for wedding anniversaries.

Diamond Sapphire Ring
In the Middle Ages, people believed that this precious metal suppressed negative thoughts and increased happiness. Today, it continues to decorate different ring models to make happy days unforgettable.

Diamond sapphire ring models are among the most preferred rings with their eye-catching structure, hardness, resistance, durability and different model options. These ring models, which we have prepared for you with years of experience and excellent workmanship, are among the popular options preferred for marriage proposals.

Sapphire Ring Features
Sapphire has been seen for centuries as a symbol of heaven, a protector of innocence, a symbol of truth and a defender of health. It was believed that gifting brings joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty.

Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September. If your mother, lover, wife, in short, someone you care about is interested in astrological issues such as birthstones, you can get such a gift. You can both make her happy with eye-catching rings and strengthen your bond by showing that you respect her interests.

Carat is another issue you need to consider when choosing among the various ring models on our page. Carat is used as a unit of weight measurement of precious metals. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams. As Lizay Diamond, the rings we bring to you have options that can go up to ten carats. This wide selection makes it easy to find that perfect ring you have in mind!

Life is joyous and enriched by turning points and when we commemorate these turning points. The people with whom we share these moments make even all the difficulties, obstacles and problems meaningful. If you want to immortalize your precious moments, express your feelings to your loved one and give a gift that he can look at with a smile even after years have passed, you can easily access our sapphire ring models on our page.