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Product Code :  DL00670
0.23 Carat Diamond Clamp
36,444 TL
21,867 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 19,680 TL
Product Code :  DL03176
0.15 Carat Diamond Solitaire Bracelet
36,613 TL
21,968 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 19,771 TL
Product Code :  DL01190
0.19 Carat Diamond Clamp
39,138 TL
23,483 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 21,134 TL
Product Code :  DL00665
0.27 Carat Diamond Single Row Clamp
41,200 TL
24,720 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 22,248 TL
Product Code :  DB05597
0.26 Carat Diamond Bracelet
48,480 TL
29,088 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 26,179 TL
Product Code :  DL01186
0.20 Carat Diamond Clamp
52,310 TL
31,386 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 28,247 TL
Product Code :  DL04736
0.33 Carat Diamond Clamp
52,689 TL
31,613 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 28,452 TL
Diamond, one of the most valuable stones in the world, is one of the indispensable jewels for women. This flawless stone, which conquers everyone's hearts with its magnificent appearance and magnificent shine, creates flawless beauty, especially in Lizay Diamond bracelet models. Our diamond bracelet products, which almost every woman dreams of buying, combine elegance and elegance.
These bracelets, which are among the most preferred jewelery by women with their original designs, are very effective in reflecting nobility in an elegant way. Offering a very rich variety of models appealing to all age groups, the diamond bracelet products in our company are also very impressive with their stylish gift packages. In this way, you can easily make your loved ones happy and feel special with this magnificent jewelery gift.
Diamond Bracelet Models
Our diamond bracelet models are among the accessories that have a great impact on the path to elegance. For this reason, women who want to create their own style and always want to be attractive turn to these diamond-encrusted bracelets. Our bracelet products, designed in accordance with the latest trends and carrying elegance with their modern lines, have many different models.
Our varieties such as diamond cuff, diamond bracelet silver, diamond rose bracelet are among the most preferred bracelets. However, recently, especially in different carats, diamond single row cuff, diamond solitaire cuff, diamond 9 stone fancy bracelet, diamond 3 stone fancy bracelet, diamond five stone cuff, diamond double row cuff, diamond rose cuff, diamond tria rose cuff, diamond diamond bracelet. Our diamond S cuff, diamond string fancy bracelet, diamond sapphire bracelet, diamond waterway bracelet and diamond fancy bracelet models are also very popular.
Lizay Pırlanta is Your Only Address for Diamond Bracelet Models
Choosing a diamond bracelet requires much more attention than thought. First of all, it should be ensured that each of the products purchased is certified. Otherwise, the quality of the bracelet cannot be measured and its reliability will be in doubt. For this reason, you should purchase jewelry from Lizay Pırlanta, who is known and whose name is frequently mentioned.
In addition, attention should be paid to the compatibility of the diamond bracelet with the general clothing style and other jewelry. For example; The person who has a diamond necklace and wants to combine the diamond bracelet with this necklace should make sure that both products complement each other in the best way. At this point, our company's products are very rich and are perfectly combined with each other.
In addition, the wrist size should be taken correctly and a diamond bracelet of the ideal length should be purchased. In this way, the usage process becomes comfortable and trouble-free. Bracelets that are longer than necessary will constantly get stuck and get damaged. Wristbands that are too short hurt the wrist and create an unhealthy condition as they obstruct blood flow. In addition, a bracelet that tightens the wrist does not look aesthetic. Therefore, one or two inches more than your wrist size is ideal for a bracelet. The measurements of the products in our company are clear and accurate. There is no margin of error.
Diamond Bracelet Prices
Lizay Pırlanta diamond bracelet prices, which vary depending on many factors, are directly proportional to the quality and elegance of the product. The higher the carat of the diamond, the more valuable the bracelet becomes, and the more beautiful it becomes with its workmanship and reliability.
In general, people who want to get information about diamond bracelet models and prices are recommended to first purchase from quality and reliable places such as our company. In this way, it becomes possible to obtain luxury and superior quality at the most ideal prices.