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Diamond baguette necklaces, designed with the unique craftsmanship of Lizay Pırlanta, have always been the symbol of elegance and sparkle. Diamond baguette necklaces, prepared with Lizay Pırlanta's high quality workmanship and unique designs, offer a perfect option to complete every look.

Diamond Baguette Necklace Models
Lizay Pırlanta's diamond baguette necklace collection is rich in diversity and it is possible to find a model that will appeal to every taste. Elegant and simple baguette necklaces are available for those who love minimalist style. The unique sparkle of baguette cut diamonds is emphasized on the necklace, creating a dazzling look. At the same time, for those who prefer vintage style, there are also necklace models decorated with baguette-cut diamonds that reflect old times. The collection also includes diamond baguette necklaces with modern and contemporary designs. These necklaces attract attention with their extraordinary cuts and details. So, it is possible to find a diamond baguette necklace to suit every style and preference.

Diamond Baguette Necklace Features
The diamond baguette necklace has a special design using baguette cut diamonds. Baguette cut means using rectangular shaped diamonds on the necklace. This cut adds a modern and elegant touch to the necklace and provides a unique sparkle. Diamond baguette necklaces combine elegance and sparkle, completing any look. Lizay Pırlanta's high quality diamonds are known for their excellent cut and clarity. Therefore, diamond baguette necklaces allow you to achieve a high-quality and impressive appearance.

Diamond Baguette Necklace Prices
Prices of diamond baguette necklaces vary depending on factors such as the quality of the diamond stones, their cut, carat weight and the metal material used. Lizay Pırlanta's diamond baguette necklace collection is generally offered at prices consistent with their high quality and workmanship. Models decorated with diamonds of smaller carat weight and lower clarity generally have a more affordable price range. However, the prices of necklaces using diamonds with higher carat weight and higher clarity may increase. In addition, the metal selection of the necklaces (such as gold, platinum) and the details on them may also affect the price. Lizay Pırlanta offers its customers options in various price ranges, ensuring that everyone can have a diamond baguette necklace that suits their budget.