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The leading and experienced brand of the jewelery industry, Lizay, with its customer-oriented approach and wide product range, is taking fast and confident steps on the way to store and branding by gaining the trust and appreciation of the consumers. Proving its success with its retail experience, Lizay serves its customers with 63 stores, 32 of which are franchises.

Having 40 years of retail experience since 1978, Lizay shares this experience with its investor business partners across Turkey.
Advantages of Being Lizay:
. Partnership with an experienced and successful brand
. Rich product variety in the Gold and Diamond group
. Advertising and promotion opportunities at the national level
. Opportunity to have products of national-international standards and quality
. Wide customer portfolio
. Experienced staff and professional training opportunities
. Financial, commercial and business management support
. Opportunity to be a part of and benefit from continuous R&D activities under Lizay
. Financial and commercial business management support
. remote monitoring assistant
. Systemic and administrative programming and reporting.