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Product Code :  DB05978
1.40 Carat Diamond Emerald Bracelet
100,453 TL
60,272 TL
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Product Code :  DB04571
1.19 Carat Diamond Emerald Bracelet
112,026 TL
67,216 TL
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Product Code :  DB02858
1.40 Carat Diamond Emerald Bracelet
126,755 TL
76,053 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 68,448 TL
Product Code :  DB08709
1.93 Karat Pırlanta Zümrüt Bileklik
193,626 TL
116,176 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 104,558 TL
Diamond and emerald bracelets are special accessories that emphasize women's elegance and style. The sparkle of diamond stones, when combined with emeralds, combines with a bracelet that adorns your wrist, bringing elegance to its peak. A brand like Lizay Pırlanta offers unique and impressive models in its diamond-emerald bracelet collection.
Diamond Emerald Bracelet Models
Diamond emerald bracelet models are offered in a wide range of varieties. Brands like Lizay Pırlanta offer diamond emerald bracelets in different styles and designs. There are many options available, from minimalist and elegant designs to larger and flashier models. The natural green color of emeralds gives the bracelets a luxurious and impressive look. Emeralds combined with diamonds add elegance and sparkle to the bracelets. You can find diamond emerald bracelets in different cuts and arrangements, so you can find an option that suits your style and preferences.
Diamond Emerald Bracelet Features
Diamond emerald bracelets have remarkable features in terms of quality, elegance and durability. They are usually made of 14 or 18 carat gold, ensuring durability and quality. Emeralds are known for their natural green color and luster. When combined with diamonds, it adds an elegant shine to bracelets. Diamond emerald bracelets are designed with fine workmanship and adjusted to fit the wrist perfectly. The quality, cut and clarity of the emeralds are also taken into consideration. Brands such as Lizay Pırlanta skillfully place high-quality diamonds and emeralds into bracelets and take care in terms of durability.
Diamond Emerald Bracelet Prices
Diamond emerald bracelet prices vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the quality of the diamonds and emeralds used, the carat of the gold and the brand. Bracelets with larger emerald stones or more intricate designs can often have a higher price tag. However, bracelets studded with smaller emeralds or with more minimalist designs may be more affordable. Additionally, brand reputation and market demand are among the factors that affect prices. Brands such as Lizay Pırlanta offer quality and stylish diamond-emerald bracelets in different price ranges.