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Product Code :  C052840
Gold Chain
5,562 TL
3,892 TL
Product Code :  C0273015
Product Code :  C031626
Product Code :  C031624
Product Code :  C047251
Product Code :  C030810
Golden chain
12,695 TL
8,888 TL
Product Code :  C031046
Product Code :  C030807
Golden chain
14,305 TL
10,013 TL
Product Code :  C047338
Product Code :  N125363
Product Code :  N125362
Product Code :  N125361
Product Code :  N083497
Golden chain
16,906 TL
11,834 TL
Product Code :  C039996
Product Code :  N093903
Gold Trend Chain
18,371 TL
12,859 TL
Product Code :  C031684
Although Lizay Diamond gold chain, which always impresses with its elegance and elegance, is among the jewelery that can be used with all kinds of combinations, it is indispensable especially for women who want to look well-groomed and nice in daily life.
Our gold chain models enliven even the simplest outfits and add elegance to combinations. Chain necklaces, which can be easily used in both sports and classic combinations, are so light that they cannot be felt. Therefore, no discomfort occurs during the use process. Thus, these magnificent chains, which can be used in any combination, help improve your style and add color to your combinations.
With the wide variety of chain models available in our company, the clothes are completed in the most beautiful way and the combinations are made much more attractive. The original models, perfectly designed with stylish and modern lines, have very different styles and shapes from each other. Our company's gold chain models, which make women feel special with their designs and elegance, are designed to be compatible with all kinds of hairstyles, accessories and clothes. Thus, such chains can be used without any problems whenever desired.
The most beautiful gold chain models of our company's products are sequin gold chain and herringbone gold chain necklace. These chains, designed in different shapes, are generally made of 14, 18 and 22 carats. Additionally, the length of each chain necklace may differ from another model. For this reason, the length of the necklace is designed to appeal to every taste.
Lizay Pırlanta is the Right Address for Gold Chain Models Suitable for Every Style
When choosing gold chain models, it is important to apply to reliable corporate places such as Lizay Pırlanta. Thus, precise information is obtained about the patent, brand and setting information of each product purchased.
In addition, it is important that the workmanship is good and the ratio between the gold value of the product and the workmanship value applied is ideal. Our company pays attention to such details and provides the best conditions for our customers. If non-reputable companies are preferred, the margin of error regarding the true value of the purchased product will be high. In addition, the weight information of the chains purchased online should be checked and the deviation values given on the subject should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, products with much lower grams than expected may have been purchased.
There are many platforms that want to make profits in this way from products purchased online. For this reason, reliable platforms such as Lizay Pırlanta, which is known and loved by everyone with its respectable identity, should be preferred. Thus, such problems will not be encountered. As Lizay Pırlanta, we always ensure that our customers are satisfied with our quality and luxury products and safe sales.
Gold Chain Prices
The prices of Lizay Pırlanta gold chain models, which can be used with peace of mind in every combination and are appreciated by everyone with their elegance, vary widely. Prices of the chain vary depending on the workmanship of the necklace, the setting of the gold used in the necklace, the weight of the chain and the current gold exchange rate. For example; 22 carat half meter chain prices are much higher compared to 18 carat gold chain prices. Chain necklace models suitable for almost every budget are available through our company, and each of these models has its own unique elegance and beauty.