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Product Code :  DE02528
1.11 Carat Sapphire Diamond Earrings
20,603 TL
12,362 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 11,126 TL
Product Code :  DE11451
Sapphire Earrings with 1.20 Carat Diamonds
28,255 TL
16,953 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 15,258 TL
Product Code :  DE11252
1.08 Carat Diamond Sapphire Earrings
28,298 TL
16,979 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 15,281 TL
Product Code :  DE08178
Sapphire Earrings with 5.81 Carat Diamonds
28,682 TL
17,209 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 15,489 TL
Product Code :  DE11403
Sapphire Earrings with 1.23 Carat Diamonds
28,811 TL
17,286 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 15,558 TL
Product Code :  DE12964
2.02 Carat Diamond Sapphire Earrings
28,896 TL
17,338 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 15,604 TL
Product Code :  DE17457
Sapphire Earrings with 1.55 Carat Diamonds
29,110 TL
17,466 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 15,719 TL
Diamond Sapphire Earrings, one of Lizay Pırlanta's fascinating collections, are unique and stylish pieces that complement a sophisticated style. The fascinating blue tones of the sapphire stone combine with the diamond to create a dazzling combination.
Diamond Sapphire Earring Models
The Diamond Sapphire Earring collection includes a variety of elegant and eye-catching models. In these earrings, diamond stones and sapphire stones come together to offer a unique look. In some models, diamond stones and sapphire stones are located side by side, while other models have a sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds. Earrings are usually small in size and have an elegant design. The sparkle of diamond and sapphire stones attracts attention with every step.
Diamond Sapphire Earring Features
Diamond Sapphire Earrings are carefully designed using high quality diamond stones and sapphire stones. Features such as quality, cut, clarity, carat weight and color grade of diamonds determine the brightness and sparkle of the earring. Color saturation and clarity of sapphire stones are also an important element. Earrings are usually made of 14k or 18k gold, and the color of the gold (yellow, white, or pink) may vary depending on the selection. Diamond Sapphire Earrings have an elegant and ergonomic structure and offer comfortable use.
Diamond Sapphire Earring Prices
The price of Diamond Sapphire Earrings varies depending on various factors. The quality of the diamond, the quality of the sapphire stone, precious metal material and design details are the factors that affect the price. Diamonds and sapphires with higher quality, larger sizes and rarer features usually come with higher prices. Additionally, the setting and color of the precious metal material used are also factors that affect the price. The gold setting is generally preferred as 14 karat or 18 karat, and the color of the gold (yellow, white or pink) affects the price depending on the choice.