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Product Code :  DE24199
1.04 Carat Diamond Emerald Earrings
36,590 TL
21,954 TL
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Product Code :  DE24068
0.90 Carat Diamond Emerald Earrings
38,428 TL
23,057 TL
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Product Code :  DE08929
0.76 Carat Diamond Emerald Earrings
48,345 TL
29,007 TL
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Product Code :  DE07870
1.40 Carat Diamond Emerald Earrings
62,110 TL
37,266 TL
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Product Code :  DE14639
1.07 Carat Diamond Emerald Earrings
63,221 TL
37,933 TL
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Product Code :  DE01455
1.05 Carat Emerald Diamond Earrings
67,838 TL
40,703 TL
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Product Code :  DE16213
1.51 Carat Diamond Emerald Earrings
71,428 TL
42,857 TL
In Cart %10 Discount 38,571 TL
Lizay Pırlanta is a leading brand that combines quality and elegance in diamond jewellery. The Diamond Emerald Earring collection consists of eye-catching pieces that reflect the fresh and vibrant energy of nature. Emerald is a gemstone known for its unique green tones, and the emeralds used in these earrings are in perfect harmony with diamonds. Diamond Emerald Earrings are jewels that convey the splendor of nature and offer you unique elegance.
Diamond Emerald Earring Models
The Diamond Emerald Earring collection consists of various models that appeal to different styles and preferences. Each model has a meticulous design that emphasizes the natural beauty of the emerald stone. In some models, a single emerald stone is located in the center, while in other models, more than one emerald stone is used on the earring. Emeralds are often used with diamonds to provide more sparkle and contrast. Diamonds add an elegant touch to the earrings, further emphasizing the brilliance of the emeralds. Diamond Emerald Earrings are usually made of gold or white gold and are available in different precious metal options.
Diamond Emerald Earring Features
Diamond Emerald Earrings are carefully produced using high quality emerald stones and precious metals. The cut, clarity and color degree of emerald stones are important factors that affect the aesthetics and value of the earrings. High-quality emeralds shine with vibrant green hues and vibrancy. These stones reflect the power and life energy of nature. The designs of the earrings also vary depending on the quality of the precious metal used and the workmanship details. Each piece is carefully crafted and carefully inspected by craftsmen.
Diamond Emerald Earring Prices
Diamond Emerald Earring prices vary depending on a variety of factors. Factors such as the quality, size, cut and color grade of the emerald stone are factors that affect the price. Larger, clearer and more vibrantly colored emeralds generally come with higher prices. Additionally, the type and setting of the precious metal used can also have an impact on the price. Prices of earrings made of gold or white gold may vary depending on the carat and weight of the gold.