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The diamond solitaire is the essence of marriage, symbolizing endless love and respect. It crowns the moment by bringing the lives and selves of two people together. It is a symbol of loyalty, pure love and love. The most meaningful memories of your life are valued. With its unforgettable and unique structure, diamond solitaires are indispensable for women.

Diamond solitaire rings are precious metals, the details that give such valuable and unique gifts and enable them to be present in important moments of life. Diamond is not cut with any cutting product and is not affected by high heat. Diamonds, which never lose their value with these features, are the most preferred special stones of jewellery.

Diamond Solitaire Models
There are many points to be considered while making these sittings, which have been the dreams of women for years. Carat weight and carried values ​​are among the first issues to be decided. Other features such as the color, size and cut of the stone are among the other points to be considered.

Diamond solitaires representing eternal love meet you in quite different models. The variety of models in these rings, which are especially preferred by those who will make a marriage proposal, are experiencing the selection process. It is very easy to achieve the face of your dreams with Lizay!

Unforgettable Moments with Solitaire Diamond…
A marriage proposal is the first step in a journey started together. Solitaire diamond rings are of great importance as they represent this moment. Every relationship is special and therefore every ring should be just as special and valuable. The rings, which will remind you of the moment of marriage proposal at every glance, have an eye-catching appearance with their clear structure.

Solitaire rings are an ideal option not only for marriage proposals, but also for all kinds of special occasions and celebrations. It is also among the popular gifts on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday and wedding anniversary. You can choose the eye-catching designs of fancy ring models on the anniversary of your marriage proposal with the noble look of classic solitaires.

There are four main features that determine the quality of a diamond. These are carat weight, clarity, color and cut. Every detail plays a role in making the solitaire diamond look straight out of that desired fairy tale. The color of the diamond, the carat weight and the color of the stone do not create much confusion in the selection process, as they are more easily noticeable with the naked eye. However, this is not the case for clarity. Although clarity is an important feature that determines the quality of solitaire, it is not a detail that can be easily noticed with the naked eye. The clarity of the diamond, briefly, is a scale determined according to the natural stains added to its structure during the formation of the diamond. As Lizay, you can reach all the features of the rings, which attract attention with their high quality structure and extraordinary designs, including clarity, by taking a look at the information on their pages.

Lizay Diamond Solitaire Services and Features
We aim to make this shopping process much more special for you. For this reason, as Lizay Diamond, we offer you various services. Eye-catching gift packages are among our most remarkable services. Your diamond solitaire ring order is sent in its elegant box with your special order note. A long-term care guarantee is also offered. As Lizay, we are with you so that the solitaires you buy do not lose their elegance and grace for many years! There is a lifetime exchange guarantee on the diamond products you buy.

The wide range of products on our page is brought together to provide you with a solitaire option suitable for all kinds of needs and tastes. Our solitaire ring prices are determined by considering different characteristics, including carat weight. You can easily access these features on the product pages and complete your shopping accordingly.