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Rings crowned by diamonds, obtained by shaping the diamond with special cutting techniques, are among the accessories that make women the happiest with their eye-catching looks and shine. The tria rings, which are formed by arranging three diamonds side by side, create an image as if they came out of a fairy tale. The carefully prepared designs of each stone of these accessories, which symbolize eternal love, are among the features that deepen the meanings they carry. Tria rings, which have great symbolic value, are among the most unique accessories that can be preferred as gifts due to their spiritual meaning. By browsing the various models on our page, you can have information about your gift options that you can choose in different situations.

What Does the Trian Ring Symbolize?
Thanks to the diamond, the precious stone that gives all diamond rings their eye-catching look, they have deep meanings. This magnificent and rare stone represents a never ending love and affection. Tria ring models are ring options crowned with three diamonds. By their nature, they almost tell a story. They symbolize the story of love that was born in the past, developed by experiencing an unforgettable moment at the moment, and will enter a life together in the future. In addition to symbolizing the past, present and future, it also symbolizes basic values ​​such as love, family and love. All these are among the features that make ring models among the ideal options for a marriage proposal.

Another day where these ring models crowned with three precious stones are preferred as a meaningful gift option is their third anniversary. Diamonds representing each of the years spent together are lined up side by side, creating extraordinary results. Each diamond allows you to remember the days when you laughed, cried, faced difficulties and celebrated your successes together. Also, when you celebrate your thirtieth anniversary after years, you can buy one of these ring models and remember your third year. This unique gift option can be a sweet gesture that will sweep your spouse off their feet.

Another day when tria diamond rings are given as gifts is the moment of joining a new member to your family. Three diamonds symbolize mother, father and the new member of your family, the child.

Tria Ring Models
As with every diamond-crowned accessory, there are different models you can choose when buying tria rings, and there are different points to consider when looking at these models. Certified products, which you can easily access from our page, offer you different options in matters such as clarity, color, cut and carat weight. You can have information about all the features of the products from their own pages and make your choice accordingly.

The carat weight stated on our rings refers to the total weight of the three stones in the ring. If the tria ring you receive as a gift is chosen to accompany a solitaire diamond, care should be taken to ensure that the tria rings are of a higher carat than the solitaire diamond. These features will help to capture a more aesthetically pleasing image.

Diamond Tria Rings
Rings crowned with diamonds and sapphires are presented to your liking for those who want a different look and colorful design. The breathtaking nature of the sapphire is in great harmony with the diamond.

We also have different services that we offer you for all our tria ring models. In the rings that come in a stylish jewelry box, we also have services such as inscription on the ring, which you can choose according to your wishes.

Tria diamond rings have model options with different designs among themselves. In addition to the models in which all the stones are of equal size and in the same order, there are also ring options in which the stone in the middle is larger or more prominent than the other two. After taking a look at these different ring models, you can easily find the ring of your dreams.