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Diamond Tragus Earrings, one of Lizay Pırlanta's unique collections, are elegant and stylish pieces that attract great attention in the fashion world. These earrings, used in the tragus area, are a perfect option to complete your style and achieve a remarkable look.
Diamond Tragus Earring Models
The Diamond Tragus Earring collection includes a variety of elegant and eye-catching models. These earrings are usually designed in small sizes and are stylishly located in the Tragus area. Different cuts of diamonds increase the brilliance and sparkle of the earrings. While some models offer a simple and minimalist look with a single diamond stone, in other models the diamonds are arranged in different shapes and patterns. Each Diamond Tragus Earring stands out with its elegant design and high-quality diamond stones.
Diamond Tragus Earring Features
Diamond Tragus Earrings are carefully designed using high quality diamond stones and precious metal materials. Features such as cut, clarity, carat weight and color grade of diamonds determine the quality and shine of the earring. Earrings are usually made of 14k or 18k gold, and the color of the gold (yellow, white, or pink) may vary depending on the selection. Diamond Tragus Earrings have a light and ergonomic structure for comfortable use. In addition, the metal details used in the design of the earrings complete elegance and elegance.
Diamond Tragus Earring Prices
The price of Diamond Tragus Earrings vary depending on various factors. Features such as diamond quality, cut, clarity, carat weight and color grade are the most important factors that determine the price. Higher quality and larger sized diamonds usually come with higher prices.
Precious metal material is also a factor that affects the price. Gold is usually used in Diamond Tragus Earrings. Gold setting is a factor that determines the price of the earring. Generally, 14 carat or 18 carat gold is preferred, and the color of the gold (yellow, white or pink) affects the price depending on the choice.
The design of the earring and its workmanship details are also factors that affect the price. Customized and complex designs can increase the price as they require more labor and craftsmanship. Additionally, the number, size and cut of diamonds on the earring can also affect the price.