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Product Code :  H001211
Gold Bee Anklet
5,810 TL
4,068 TL
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Golden Eye Anklet
10,661 TL
7,462 TL
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Gold Fish Anklet
11,562 TL
8,095 TL
Product Code :  H001300
Product Code :  H001213
Gold Sun Anklet
13,807 TL
9,665 TL
Product Code :  H001212
Gold anklets are special accessories that emphasize women's elegance and style. These elegant jewelry items that you can wear on your wrist or ankle are available in many different styles and designs. A brand like Lizay Pırlanta offers unique and impressive models in its gold anklet collection.
Gold Anklet Models
Gold anklet models are offered in a wide range in terms of diversity. Brands like Lizay Pırlanta offer gold anklets in different styles and designs. There are many options available, from minimalist and elegant designs to larger and flashier models. Anklets usually consist of gold ornaments placed on a thin chain or band. These decorations can be geometric shapes, heart symbols, floral motifs or other elegant details. Gold anklets are designed to fit perfectly on your wrist or ankle.
Gold Anklet Features
Gold anklets have remarkable features in terms of quality, elegance and durability. They are usually made of 14 or 18 carat gold, which gives the anklets durability and quality. The gold used in gold anklets is carefully processed and polished, thus creating a bright and sparkling appearance. The size of anklets is usually designed to fit a standard wrist or ankle, although on some models the size may be adjustable. Gold anklets are designed with fine workmanship and decorated with elegant details. Some models can also be enriched with diamonds or other precious stones.
Gold Anklet Prices
Prices of gold anklets vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the carat of gold used, the quantity and quality of diamonds or gemstones in the anklet. Anklets with larger and more complex designs can often have a higher price tag. Additionally, gold's setting may also have an impact on the price. 14 carat gold may be more affordable than 18 carat gold. The quality, cut and clarity of the diamond or other precious stones in the anklet are also among the factors that affect the price. Brands such as Lizay Pırlanta offer quality gold anklets in different price ranges, so it is possible to find options suitable for different budgets.