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0.05 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring
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0.07 Carat Diamond Rose Ring
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0.13 Carat Diamond Rose Ring
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0.75 Carat Diamond Ring
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0.10 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring
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Product Code :  DR13258
0.09 Carat Diamond Drop Ring
20,774 TL
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Product Code :  DR15031
0.08 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring
20,860 TL
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Remembering important days increases the value of those precious minutes. Women who know they are remembered are happy. This happiness can become unforgettable with the gifts received. Giving unforgettable gifts is the beginning of collecting unforgettable memories.

A ring is one of the most precious and unique gifts in a woman's life. Regardless of its design, model and features, a ring never loses its meaning. It is very difficult to find words to describe how valuable this accessory will be if it is crowned with diamonds, one of the rarest and most meaningful stones in the world.

A woman wearing a diamond on her finger can look around with eyes that shine like stars in the sky! Because he was intoxicated with the happiness of receiving a gift as unique as the stars. With this intoxicating bliss, your feet will literally be swept off the ground.

Diamond Ring Solitaire
The solitaire diamond, which is preferred as a gift, can be the interpreter of all feelings that are not put into words. This gift can be a milestone in the life of both you and the person you promised to spend the rest of your days with.

With their unique designs adorned with precious stones, our diamond ring models can be your greatest helper when proposing to you, to customize that moment. A stunning ring with the world's rarest and most meaningful stone in a small box can turn a big white page in your life. What will be written on this page will consist of words that have a parallel beauty with the magic of the moment.

As Lizay, we offer you diamond ring models with luxury designs with a high level of quality. Our product models include options with very different cuts and features. These unique accessories, which are obtained as a result of special cutting techniques applied to diamonds, are of very high quality and carry certain standards. The carat weight, clarity, color and cut have been carefully crafted.

Diamond Ring Models
Ring models, which are among the ideal options for important days mentioned every year, are available on our page. If you have sealed your love with a solitaire while getting married, there may be expectations developing on this seal in the coming years. At such moments, you can take a look at five-stone diamond rings or tria diamonds. With these unique gifts prepared with a professional craftsmanship, you can make the woman you love feel your love with all her passion, which has increased with her efforts over the years. Of course, spiritual experiences cannot be measured in material terms. But in some moments, the perfect harmony between material values ​​and spiritual values ​​is added to your white pages as a beautiful memory.

Moments spent with these meaningful accessories adorned with one of the most precious stones in the world are not easily forgotten. A woman who receives such a precious gift from the person she loves will not take it off her finger. Thanks to the care shown in the manufacture of the rings, they can be used for many years. Since high care is taken in the placement of the stone, it shows a durable feature and there is no problem such as falling.

Diamond Ring Features
Due to the nature of the precious stones used, these meaningful accessories do not wear out even after years. Every woman fondly and willingly uses such a meaningful piece of jewelry, which is timeless and will never go out of fashion.

Ageless seals are required for a life full of ageless love. As Lizay Diamond, you can seal your love with different models that we bring to you with high quality workmanship. Our customer-friendly site infrastructure and company policy have features that guarantee a safe shopping experience. Diamond ring models that allow you to create unforgettable moments are presented to you by bringing modern interpretations to the product groups in the traditional line! Our prices vary according to the precious stones and craftsmanship used in the ring.

You can see many features of each ring model by listing the products on our page, and you can easily learn about all your options before taking this big step in your life!